TYRAS cleaned up the city’s entrances – Excessive number of plastic water bottles.

TYRAS dairy company contributed to the cleaning-up of some areas of our city. It was an organised initiative taken as part of its corporate responsibility and in cooperation with the municipality of Trikala.

Our company hired a cleaning team in order to carry out this action. It worked at the four entrances of Trikala (that of Karditsa, Larissa, Kalambaka and Pyli) and along the Trikala – Ioannina Ring Road (at the area that comes between OAED and Bara).

The municipality’s staff took all the collected trash to the landfill. Its quality corresponds to our habits, as all of us have the same consumption patterns in recent years. Regarding the quantity, the plastic water bottles predominate everywhere and the plastic coffee cups follow.

A brief event was held at noon in Kalambaka Street during the staff’s break. It was attended by the mayor Dimitris Papastergiou, the TYRAS president Takis Sarantis, the police chief George Spiliotopoulos, the director of the Decentralized administration in Trikala George Zioutos, the deputy mayor for sanitation Panayiotis Dintis, officials of the municipality of Trikala, TYRAS executives and journalists.

TYRAS T-shirts and Olympos products, kept in a refrigerated van which remained in place during the works, were offered to the staff and other attendees.


Dimitris Papastergiou: “We are a different society that appears in all its manifestations. We work with the TYRAS group but this is not enough, it is also necessary for schools to take action. In this beautiful area where we live, we have to transmit the message that we should not throw away wherever whatever we do not need. As a Municipality, we make good efforts with the Environmental Development of West Thessaly S.A. (PADYTH), but as citizens we must also take care of the cleanup.”

Takis Sarantis: “We all live in Trikala, we love this city and we want to see it clean. Today’s initiative and all efforts made by the municipality are not enough. We must support the environmental education in schools. A clean city should be everyone’s business. We thank the Municipality of Trikala for the cooperation.”